Prof. Bhawani Shankar Acharya, Head,

Central Department of Management

The Central Department of Management (CDM) has long recognized educational importance in the home and abroad. Accordingly, since its establishment, it has been striving to meet the demands of rigorous academic practices in management education. In addition, it has been adding accolades to its credits with more than five decades of successful advancement towards the achievement of excellence in management education. CDM in accordance with the present demand of the time is thriving academically with its alumnus working in reputed positions nationally and internationally accredits itself as a centre of excellence.

Aspiring to be a leading management program, the MBM program, a CDM led curriculum, has been undertaking a progressive path since its inception five years ago.  The program was launched to meet the growing demand of qualified and competent human capital who can successfully deal with the changing business scenario. The program, without inhibition, provides an opportunity for the students to develop their knowledge, ability, attitude and understanding, i.e. prerequisite for their growth into competent and responsible business managers. Besides, the program’s focus on local issues with a global perspective has been the central attraction for the students and their guardians.

As we have been experiencing the changing dynamics of professional education with the emerging paradigm shift in the corporate requisite, we have been revising the course and launching new courses to prepare our graduates to meet national and international requirements.

At present, I am delighted to share the launch of MBA-Corporate Leadership and MBA-Marketing after we are encouraged and motivated by the interest shown in our programs such as MBA-Finance.

As a Head of the Department, I feel honoured and privileged to introduce a program such as these. As a student of a finance major, I have realized that insightful financial executives and managers are much in demand in banking and financial institutions, big and small corporate houses, Government and non-Government organizations. Objectives behind launching this course are to impart financial management skills in the finance domain that include the preparation of financial reports, direct or indirect investment activities and implementation of cash. Similarly, Students choosing corporate leadership and marketing will develop analytical capabilities and professional skills required for business leaders as well as functional managers of a wide array of business fields.

Because Finance, leadership and marketing are the core areas in management, we wish to address the contemporary challenges in the market. All of these areas are the primary instrument of all business activities, we need visionary financial practitioners, a smart leader and a persuasive market researcher. Similarly, the organizations are in need of smart leadership to develop strategies and implement the short term as well as long-term goals of the organization. Thereby, these courses, exactly, not only describes how vital the role of a leader is in finance or marketing or any other area of management in the industry but also prepares the candidates to operate all management systems tactfully and empirically.

These programs (MBM, MBA-Finance, MBA-Corporate Leadership, and MBA-Marketing) address challenges and opportunities in contemporary managerial practices. They are designed to make your learning experience personally and professionally rewarding. I assure you that students, at CDM, don’t merely study management; they become practitioners in their respective fields as result broadens their perspectives in their lives and future careers.

These programs are beneficial for the careers of the students, who enrol for these courses, are trained in the practicality of a business environment and strategy. The students become skilled professionals after completion of the course.

I hope that these programs will inspire the students to pursue adventurous and productive careers in management research and contribute to the advancement of managerial practices globally. We believe that ‘business as usual is no longer the way to achieve sustainable success managers but it needs an expanded skill that creates new models of business that are sustainably competitive globally. We challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and practices and cultivate in managers an ability to draw from a full spectrum of disciplines and cultures. To enhance relevancy and practicality for quality teaching, we are honoured to have the grace of highly acclaimed professor emeritus and other colleagues.

I am delighted to welcome all of you who demonstrate enthusiasm, curiosity, and a commitment to academic excellence.

Prof. Bhawani Shankar Acharya,


Central Department of Management