3 years ago

April 1, 2021
The training program on “Developing Share Investment Strategy Using Technical Analysis” organized by CDM-TU in association with Prabhu Capital Limited was concluded today. The program was held for 3 days from March 30 to April 1, 2021, at CDM building where the participants were from MBM third semester and MBA-finance second semester.
At the closing ceremony, the acting head of the department Associate Professor Gyan Mani Adhikari has highlighted the importance of practical and technical skill along with theoretical knowledge of investment. Durga Nanda Jha, Chief Investment Officer of Prabhu Capital Limited had indicated the long-term collaboration between CDM-TU and Prabhu Capital Limited. The training programme coordinator Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of MBA-Program Dr. Bal Ram Duwal had gratitude to the Prabhu Capital Limited, instructors, departments and participated students for successful completion of the programme. Training programme was led by Durga Nanda Jha and Abiral Nepal (Head of Research Department) of Prabhu Capital Limited. Suresh Khadka students of MBM third semester and Aakriti Ghimire students of MBA-Finance second semester students had shared their learning experiences and feedback in the programme. The program was hosted by the Nabina Adhikari students of MBM program.

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