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The CDMTU Sports Week for MBS came to a thrilling conclusion with the final matches of the Boys and Girls Volleyball competitions. The event was held in the campus sports ground and saw a massive turnout of students and faculty members.

The final Boys Volleyball match was played between MBS 3rd semester Section A and MBS 1st semester Section C. Both teams displayed exceptional skills and teamwork, making it a nail-biting match. However, it was MBS 3rd semester Section A who emerged as the champions, defeating their opponents in a closely contested match.

In the final Girls Volleyball match, MBS 3rd semester Section D and MBS 1st semester Section B clashed for the title. The match was a thrilling affair, with both teams putting up a tough fight. In the end, it was MBS 1st semester Section B who emerged as the champions, edging past their opponents in a closely fought contest.

CDMTU Sports Week saw a total of 16 teams participate in the boys and girls volleyball tournament, according to Sports Coordinator Dandiraj Joshi. In the boys volleyball tournament, eight teams competed against each other, while the girls tournament also saw eight teams vying for the championship title. The matches were intense and closely contested, with players giving it their all on the court.

The tournament was highly competitive, with teams from different semesters and sections displaying their skills and teamwork. In addition to the volleyball tournament, an inter-section football competition is currently underway.

The CDMTU Sports Week is an annual event that promotes sportsmanship and physical fitness among the student community. It provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and engage in healthy competition. The event is a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational experience that prioritizes both academic excellence and physical wellness.

As the football competition heats up, we look forward to witnessing more thrilling matches and congratulating the winning team.

Photo source: Lokendra Bahadur Ayer

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