6 years ago

Prof. Dr. Alberto Lanzavecchia from UoP handover 11 laptops and few books of management and business to head of department Prof. Dr. Bhoj Raj Aryal in the program. With his remarks, Prof. Lanzavecchia said that this is not ‘Donation’, rather this is symbol of Friendship and Love between two institutions where giving and receiving a continuous phenomena. “Friendship is like our Muscles, the more you exercise them they get bigger and stronger” he mentioned highlighting importance of continuing this support and understanding. He further added that UoP is receiving Diversity from CDM in the form of offering scholarships to four students of CDM at UoP for studying one full semester of six month and one faculty member for teaching and research under Erasmus Plus framework. Four students of CDM have been already enrolled in UoP and are studying in Italy in these days and one faculty will visit during November 2018. This program is fully funded by European Union. This contributes in sharing culture, experiences and ideas for joint prosperity.

Head of department, Prof. Bhoj Raj Aryal expressed his thankfulness to Prof. Lanzavacchia for showing love to the department by offering wonderful gifts from University of Padova. The laptops and books that are presented would be very much helpful in research and trainings in CDM for faculty, staffs and students. “We share same values and we want to strengthen our relationship with UoP in future” he added. Prof. Aryal said that CDM students are studying a full semester in UoP, Itay and which is proud moment for entire CDM family. Mr. Phul Prashad Subedi, Lecturer of CDM also honored Prof. Lanzavecchia by presenting Buddha’s statue and a book of meditation as symbol of peace and love.

Professors, students  and staff of CDM and UoP (Italy) participated in the program. The program started with interaction among students of CDM and UoP. Students studying in UoP from different countries like China, Italy, Turkey and Vietnam presented their country profile in the program.

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