3 years ago

January 17, 2021, Kathmandu Nepal
The students of MBA-Finance second semester had interaction with Dr Roshan Koju for the purpose of the research work of Insurance and Risk Management subject. The Social Security Fund Act got operated on November 27, 2018. According to Dr Koju, till January 17, 2021, there are 13 thousand eighty-nine companies registered, 185 thousand seven hundred and sixteen contributors, the deposit of Rs. 3.71 billion, and it has expenses of Rs. 29.6 million. The Social Security Fund follows the programs as by the International Labour Organization as Medicine facility, Maternity facility, Accident (workplace and normal accident) and Disability and so on. To activate this Social Security Fund the employer of the organization has to fill up the online form as it is on the website has to give the company details thereafter the staff of Social Security Fund verifies it and all the required transactions are done through online.

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