Evaluation : Master in Business Studies

The performance of students will be evaluated through ongoing in-semester evaluations and semester-end examinations. The FOM shall have the final authority in conducting, evaluating and awarding grades in semester-end examinations. The course facilitator (instructor) shall decide the grades in the in-semester evaluations.

In-semester Evaluations

The in-semester (internal) evaluation shall generally have a total weight of 40 percent in each course. The concerned faculty shall be responsible for the continuous in-semester evaluations. The in-semester evaluation shall be based on a student’s performance in class presentations, case analysis, and project assignments, class tests and others as required by the course. A student must secure a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 or Grade B minus (B-) in a course in order to be eligible to appear in the semester-end examination of that course. The in-semester evaluations will be based on the following components:


In-semester Evaluation: 40 Marks
Evaluation Activities Weight in %
In-semester pre-board examination 40
Class-room activities(Class presentations, case analysis, group works etc) 20
Project Assignments 30
Class Attendance 10
Total 100 %


Semester-end Examinations

The semester-end examinations on course work related subjects shall have a total weight of 60 percent. The semester-end examination shall be based on problem solving questions, analytical questions, and case studies or any other formats as demanded by a course. The duration of the examination shall be 3 hours for both 3 Credit Hour course and 2 Credit Hour course. The general pattern of the external examinations shall be conducted as presented in the following table:


External Evaluation: 60 Marks
Evaluation Components Number of Questions and Choice Weight  in % 
Case Analysis, Situation Analysis or Extended Problem Analysis as suitable to the course. Two Compulsory Questions 50
Problem Solving, Critical Analysis Oriented questions Three analytical Questions with one choice. (Two questions of 15 marks each to be solved by students) 30
Concept Oriented Short Answer Questions Six Short Answer Questions with Two Choice Questions (Four Questions of 5 marks to be solved by students 20
Total Marks 100


Grading System

The grading system followed in the MBS program will be based on the absolute performance of a student in the in-semester evaluations and semester-end examinations. The performance of a student in the MBS program shall be made on a four point scale ranging from 0 to 4. The passing grade in the semester-end examination for an individual paper shall be grade “B minus” or GPA of 2.7 (55 percent).


In order to pass the semester examination the student must secure a minimum of Grade “B” or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 (60 percent). The overall grade of a student will be determined by the student’s performance in the in-semester and semester-end examinations. The following table presents the Letter Grade, GPA, percentage equivalent and Performance Remarks for the MBS program:


Grade               CGPA             Percentage Equivalent          Performance Remarks

A                      4.0                      90 and above                     Distinction     

A-                     3.7                      80 -89.9                             Very good

B+                    3.3                      70 -79.9                             First Division

B                      3.0                      60 – 69.9                            Second Division                     

B-                    2.7                      55 – 59.9                           Pass in individual course

F                      0                         below 55                            Fail


The students shall receive their semester grades and academic transcript grades only in letter grades and GPA scores.


Failing in Course

Students who do not qualify to appear in the semester-end examinations will have to reregister and retake the course as per the semester cycle. Students who are qualified but fail to appear in the semester-end examinations or fail in the semester-end examination can appear in make-up examinations as per the semester cycle. FOM shall organize chance make-up examinations in the last semester only where a student may appear in 6 courses of the earlier three semesters.


Degree Requirements

To receive MBS degree the student must have

  • A ‘B’ minus or better grade in each of the courses as specified in the curricular structure section;
  • Obtained an overall CGPA of 3.0 or better after combining the GPAs obtained in all courses and final project;
  • Completed all the course requirements as specified in the curricular structure section within the maximum time period specified in the normal and maximum duration of the study section.



A student is required to undertake a research assignment and prepare a thesis at the end of the fourth semester. The colleges shall assign a faculty member to supervise the research work. The research work must be presented in the format as prescribed by FOM. The evaluation of the research shall be based on the following two components:

Written Report:                        75 %

Viva-voce:                                25%

FOM shall conduct the written evaluation through two independent evaluators. The marks awarded by each evaluator shall be averaged and awarded to the student. The concerned college shall conduct the viva-voce examination.



Matters not mentioned

The FOM shall have the final authority to decide any other matters and issues not mentioned in the aforementioned clauses.

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