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MoU between TU-CDM and Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN)

MoU between TU-CDM and Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN) has been successful conducted for the purpose of link up between academic sector and entrepreneurial sector to co-operate research activities in handicraft industry.
As the agreement FHAN shall provide at least thesis grants for 2 students of Rs. 35 thousand each and Rs. 10 thousand for supervising professors.
Thanks to Prof. Dr. Bhoj Raj Aryal for inking wonderful and appreciable MoU, Chairman of NAH Mr. Dharma Raj Shakya, Prof. Bhawani Acharya, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shrestha, Director General Dr. Govinda Prasad Regmi and entire TU-CDM and FHAN.

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25TH August 2017




This is to inform that the following students of MBS 1st Semester are irregular in the class. These students are called for explanation in written for their absenteeism.

MBS 1st Semester


  1. Prashant Ghimire 17
  2. Pratikshya Bhattarai 47
  3. Bishnu Kumari Gnawali 57
  4. Sujan Bhattarai 56
  5. Govinda Sah 31


  1. Sontosh Chettri 67
  2. Sontosh Sapkota 90
  3. Bijay Pandey 106
  4. Sweyaru Pudasaini 118


  1. Sabita Kumari Choudhary 129
  2. Diamond Dahal 139
  3. Anju Poudel 151
  4. Ganesh Bahadur 158
  5. Dibya Thapa Magar 159
  6. Surya Bahadur Tamang 169
  7. Kiran Pathak 173
  8. Binod Kumar Yadav 157
  9. Biplop Malla 140


  1. Rama Lama 181
  2. Aman Das 183
  3. Mira Belbase 186
  4. Chet Bd. Pun 187
  5. Saira Laxmi Maharjan 198
  6. Nobin Gopali 202
  7. Rabindra Okeda 203
  8. D...
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MoU Signed by Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University with Financial Comptroller General Office, Ministry of Finance

On the 25th of August 2017, Tribhuvan University-Central Department of Management (TU-CDM) and Ministry of Finance, Financial Comptroller General Office signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will see the pioneers of academic sector and the implementing sector work hand-in-hand to produce policy recommendation.

Deputy Financial Comptroller General Suvash Chandra Shiwakoti, officially inaugurated the program by illuminating current status of public finance in Nepal and objectives of the. He further highlighted how research can contribute to improve the quality and effectiveness of public investment in Nepal.
Professor Bhoj Raj Aryal, PhD, gave special thanks to Financial Comptroller General Office for providing grand opportunity for collaboration with academic sector and govern...

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