Curricular Structure of Master of Finance and Control (MFC)

The curricular structure and teaching pedagogy of the MFC focus on practical approach of learning accompanied by the sound theoretical and practical knowledge and skills both so that the successful graduates will be competent enough to continue job at different organizations with high performance.

Students of MFC program are required to complete 30 courses including practicum, graduate research project, and internship (grand total equivalent to 62 credit hours).

To be qualified for the degree, students are required to attend full-time classes in the college with a minimum of 80 percent attendance, must complete all graduate research projects, project works and internship.


Curricular Structure:

First Semester

RES 501-2: Statistical Analysis for Business

MIS 511-2: Computer Application in Business

COM 521-2: Business Communication

ECO 531-2: Macro Economics

ACC 541-2: Management Reporting System

ACC 542-2: Cost Accounting

LAW 551-2: Corporate Legal Framework

MGT 571-2: Management Concepts and Organization Behavior

INS 561-2: Insurance Management


Second Semester

MIS 512-2: Management Information System

RES 502-2: Research Methodology

ECO 532-2: Managerial Economics

MGT 572-1: Corporate Governance Seminar: Practicum

MGT 573-2: Human Resource Management

FIN 581-2: Financial Management

FIN 583-2: Financial Institutions and Markets

FIN 584-2: Investment Management


Third Semester

RES 503-2: Operations Management

ACC 543-2: Accounting for Managerial Decisions

FIN 582-2: Corporate Finance

FIN 586-1: Seminar in Finance

FIN 587-2: Multinational Business Finance

FIN 585-2: E-Commerce

MFC 601-4: Internship

Elective I: 2 credits


Fourth Semester

MGT 574-2: Strategic Management

FIN 588-2: Financial Services Marketing

FIN 590-2: Derivatives and Risk Management

Elective II: 2 credits

MFC 602-4: Graduate Research Project


Electives  (Any four credits):

MFC 591-2: Corporate Tax Planning and Management

MFC 592-2: Auditing Principles and Practices

MFC 593-1: Seminar in Accounting

MFC 594-2: Commercial Banking

MFC 595-2: Advanced Finance Theory

MFC 596-2: Global Business

MFC 597-1: Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Management


Total credit hours

1 credit hour courses -2:          Total  2 credits

2 credit hour courses -26:        Total 52 credits

4 credit hour courses -2:          Total   8 credits

Grand total: 62 credits

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